Keep your head  u p , keep your heart  s t r o n g.

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It has been an amazing season that exceeded expectations. It has been an exciting, enjoyable ride with the team - our family - who made us dream. As the gaffer says, “the journey that we are on is going to have good times and bad times and to get through them we have to stick together, that’s the Liverpool way.” This is only the beginning. We go again. (x)

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Make Us Dream

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"We’ll get better next season, ready to fight again. We’ve got the belief."

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Stevie: I thought my days of title races were gone. I have to honestly admit I thought they were gone. But having played with this group of players this year…it’s back. The dream’s back. And although I’ve only got a couple of years left, I still believe I can get there. I never give up a fight, but I thought I’d never be able to say it… that I’m really confident and really believe that the title’s not too far away. x

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when we sang and threw our hands up into the air

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